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A new format for safe investment into blockchain through independent smart contracts on Ethereum

Get guaranteed dividends from all transactions with an autonomous token every day and the possibility for cashout into ETH at any time


The projects main objective

Hundreds of cryptocurrencies are traded on stock exchange markets every day. And dozens of new cryptocurrencies appear every quarter. 9 out of 10 tokens turn out to be «dummies». With all of the resulting consequences.
The money invested in the cryptocurrency at ICO will be «frozen» for 1-3 months, until the public stock trading starts. It is not profitable, not convenient and too risky for a private investor. will solve this issue through completely autonomous smart contracts with a «divestment» function. This means that the token and the market will be self-regulated The organizers will have no influence over it. It is an absolutely transparent and independent system.

Key features

Open code of smart contracts

Divestment for 100%  autonomy

Dividends from each transaction

Automatic  cashout into ETH at any time

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Benefits for investors

Token price growth

Is included in the smart-contract and adjusted automatically when buying the tokens.

Lifetime dividends

The investor will keep receiving dividends for as long as he keeps the tokens. The dividends  are easily transferable to ETH at any time.


The token doesn't depend on the politics of its developers and works under clear and understandable rules.

Income from the partner program

Paid from the advertising budget for each invited user.

Audience and dividends growth

Deductions from the advertising budget make it possible to constantly expand the audience coverage. More users-higher dividends.


No need to select and analyze ICO where the human factor plays a major role. No funds' freezing for 1-3 months.

Dividends distribution

Dividends are distributed equally between all token owners, so the total paid amount will depend on two criteria:

1. The number of tokens bought
2. The number of transactions on the platform

The more users, the more transactions, the higher the token price and dividends will be.

System security and restrictions at startup

The platform protects the system from the massive entry of big players (bigwigs) during the initial stage and excludes the possibility of  of their withdrawal from the project influencing the token exchange rate.
Such restrictions allow it to achieve a smooth and constant emission growth within the first few months, with no ups and downs This plays an important role in attracting new players.

Advertising and press

Weekly reports on the advertising budget expenditures The Advertising budget is the only module that can be accessed by developers after the project startup. It makes up 5% of the total turnover. To ensure that the project is completely transparent, a detailed expenditure report is published by the developers every week.

How to invest
The detailed instruction is here:

A step-by-step guide. To make the project accessible to everyone, the developers have prepared a detailed step-by-step guide in text and video format. Choose the format which suits you most and  see how easy it is to invest in tokens and to withdraw dividends. To make it even more comfortable, MetaMask service is connected to the project.
PDF Guide buy tokens.

Partner program

Invite new investors and get 2% of their first investment. When you invite new investors to join the project, the smart-contract will award you 2% of their first token purchase value. You will get your commission fee in ETH.